Sunday, December 11, 2011

12/9 That used to be my little white tv

At a South Philly thrift store.

12/6 Blue suede shoes for Seth from Dave

12/4 Gifting Bill Walton's Studio at the ICA

Tucked into the ICA’s Project Space this fall was Bill Walton’s Studio − a carefully constructed posthumous recreation of the artist’s studio. The exhibit is about Bill Walton’s work and Bill Walton working. In September I wrote about this show for Title Magazine.
On a sunday afternoon a small group of people gathered at the exhibit to attend the "Gifting" of Bill Walton's studio. The event's was MC was curator Ingrid Schaffner. Attendees spoke in turn about either Bill Walton or their experience with the show (some had never met the artist). At the conclusion of their remarks they chose one of Bill Walton's objects to take with them. It was a most appropriate conclusion to the exhibition despite the fact that it was awkwardly caught between existing as a memorial service and an estate sale. My favorite remark was by a young man who spoke about a connection he felt with his grandfather whom he'd never met. He had dismantled his grandfather's woodworking shop and now uses his tools in his own shop. He never met Bill Walton either but appropriately took a woodworking tool of his.

Thursday, December 1, 2011